Panagiotis Berlis


He is born in 1965 in Peristeri, Athens.

In 1975 he started his musical studies on the accordion, and later, in youth, continued with classical piano and music theory studies by private lessons and National Conservatory of Peristeri.
Also, he studied:
Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue and Composition with Stamatis Athanasoulas at Municipal Conservatory of Piraeus and Central Conservatory in Athens.
Classical piano with the soloist, Rita Vourtsi at National Conservatory of Athens.
Jazz piano with George Kontrafouris, jazz theory, jazz harmony, jazz composition and jazz workshops with Markos Tomaras, Vasilis Rakopoulos and Yiannis Anninos at Municipal Conservatory of Piraeus.

1983 to today, he has been a founding and co-founding member of various jazz, rock and alternative musical groups.
One of them is the famous greek rock group, "Diafana Krina" with many albums and a large amount of concerts in Greece, Cyprus and UK.

Since 1992 he composes and orchestrates music for theater, documentaries, advertisements, multimedia and art shows.
Since 2007 he is the co-founder with the fine artist Angel.Kourkoulou of the music-visual team “PanAngel8Arts” where they create knitting together the two arts, music and painting..

1986 to today, he teach music in private lessons and in many conservatories in Athens, and Volos.

With his work supports the Human Rights.